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The Zen Center of Oriental Spirituality in the PhilippinesZen Center or ZCP in short – is a sangha – a community of seekers sitting in zen meditation realizing wisdom, compassion, and harmony. Our Center provides an environment that promotes and sustains the zen experience in daily life to respond appropriately to the unfolding needs of the larger community.

Our community was founded in 1976 by Sr. Elaine MacInnes, OLM and Yamada Koun Roshi.  From holding zazenkai (meditation session) in a temporary zendo (meditation hall) in the chapel of St. Bridget’s School, ZCP now conducts regular meditation sessions in 16 zendo in eight cities around the Philippines.Our headquarters is located at # 31 St. Claire corner St. Catherine, Provident Village, Marikina City, Metro Manila.

Our sangha belongs to the Sanbo Kyodan (Three Treasures Teaching Group) lineage of Kamakura, Japan. The Sanbo Kyodan zen sect combines the best of the Soto (sustained zazen) and the Rinzai (koan practice) schools of zen. It was founded by Yasutani Haku’un Roshi on 8 January 1954. Unlike most other schools of zen, the Sanbo Kyodan does not require its followers to embrace the Buddhist religion. Some of its masters and teachers are in fact Christian priests, pastors or nuns.

The Zen center is a non-stock, non-profit institution. It has five teachers accredited by the Sanbo Kyodan and is administered by a Board of Trustees.


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