What is ZEN?

Do you know who you really  are?

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than what you see happening around you? Do you wish there was a less stressful way of doing things? Are you looking for a way to achieve more harmony in your home and workplace?The practice of zen may provide the answers to these questions. Zen is a way of life that provides a completely fresh approach to our day-to-day experiences.

Zen is a spiritual practice that leads to total harmony with one’s self, society and the universe. Its foundation is zazen, a breath-centered discipline that helps one silence the mind and the body Zen is a way of life that helps one to realize the true self.

What are the benefits of zen?

It would really be difficult to limit the benefits of zen. Its practitioners enjoy focus, peace of mind, openness, lightness of spirit and freedom. Zen imparts wisdom and compassion.

Zen is a practice, a way of life. It is not a religion. Neither is it a new age quick fix. True zen is not a tool for material gain or a path to achieve occult powers.

Who can do zen?

All emotionally mature and stable persons can practice zen. One must be able to keep physically still for a certain period of time.

We welcome all sincere seekers, regardless of their religious affiliation. As our center is in the Philippines, those who wish to practice with us should be able to communicate in Pilipino or English.

How can one learn zen?

Since zen is a way of life, the only way to learn it is through practice. We have introductory activities such as A Glimpse into ZenSeminar and the Orientation Workshop for those who want to learn the practice.


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